Classroom and Conference Hall – All

1.Classrooms and lecture hall are spacious

2.Equipped with modern teaching aids and provided

3.With comfortable and conducive

4.Environment for learning.

Library and Computer Lab

     The present Nursing Library includes medical, nusing and other books and journals which span over 1000 volumes with more than 4000 books, computer Lab consists 25 computers with advanced software and Internet connection.

Reading Room:The Nursing Library has a well equipped reading room, which provides up-to- date reference books. Journals, newspapers and magazines.

Audio Visual Lab:The College possesses a good number of audio-visual aids. A good collection of video tapes, Models, Specimens, Charts and audio cassettes on different subjects are available for the the students’ education.

Other Laboratories:Under the valuable guidance of the faculty, nursing students shall be allowed work in the modern and fully equipped labs.

Fundamental of Nursing Laboratory

     The laboratory provides the facilities for the demonstration of basic nursing procedures on beds, linen, dummy of human body (Manikin) & the related audio-visual aid for demonstration of basic nursing process

Community Health Nursing Laboratory

     The laboratory provides the necessary articles likes community bags, B.P. apparatus, Weighing machine, etc. for the demonstration & nursing procedure to be carried out in community health setting

Nutrition Laboratory

     The laboratory is well equipped with the Kitchen wares & cookery, gas, Refrigerator & plenty of nutrients like food grains, pulses.

Pre clinical science laboratory

     The laboratory well equipped with human bone set & human body skeleton, ECG machine Heamoglobin meter,Heamo cytometer, histological slides, blood group kit, anatomy & Physiology, human organs models

Maternal & Child Health Laboratory

     The provides the necessities during the labour Like midwifery kit,labour table, series of models Of embryological development, labourprocess Charts & model showing mechanism of labour.

Hostel Facilities

     Hostel facility is available and compulsory for the students. Each student is provided in residing room with a bed, a locker, a table and a chair. Students admitted in the hostel will be immunized against Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Typhoid on payment. Students are to strictly follow hostel rules. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the hostel. If any such case comes to the notice of the Prescribed Authority, the Authority has full power to suspend the miscreant from the college. Students are advised not to keep heavy cash, gold Jewellery and costly electronic items in their rooms. Authority will not be responsible for any loss.

1 Medical Facility- Medical facilities are available In District Hospital.

2 Transport- College transport for institutional needs

     Is provided from the general pool of transport of the IBSS Buldana. Buses and Jeeps are allotted wherever Needed by the College for curricular activities

Clinical facilities

     The District Hospital, Buldanaa (305 bedded) and other affiliated private Hospitals (Having 700 total beds strength) offers an excellent clinical field to the nursing students. In addition to the rich general clinical experience available in Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics, Pediatric, Obstetrics and Gynecology, the institutes offers other specialized areas for clinical experience, e.g. I.C.U. Dialysis, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Urology etc.

     The multi-specialty Outpatient Departments provide varied experience in allopathy In addition, there are specialized clinics viz. Asthma Clinic, Diabetic clinic, Hypertension Clinic, Psychiatric Clinic, Infertility clinic as well as immunization and Polio Vaccination, Programme, Frequent Cardiac Checkup Camps and other health oriented camps are held regularly. Fully automated computerized Pathology department, Blood Bank with component separation unit, endoscopy, colour Doppler, ECG, Radiology with CT Scan, Ultra Sound and modern X-ray Unit, EEG, Provide wide experience in indoor diagnostic facilities.

     The College is also affiliated to Psychiatric Centre “ Shanti Nursing Home Aurangabad” For Clinical experience in Psychiatric Nursing, for Community Health Nursing experience the institute affiliated with 2 Primary Centers.

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